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Cancer Malpractice Lawyer -- Colon Cancer Screening

There may be a new way to conduct genetic screening of patients for colon cancer.  Doctors at Ohio State University and Northwestern University have discovered a definitive link between an inherited genetic variation and the risk of colo-rectal cancer.  The genetic variation is said to significantly increase the lifetime risk of contracting colo-rectal cancer.The genetic variation thought to greatly increase the risk of colo-rectal cancer affects the receptor for TGF-beta, a protein that slows cell growth.  The researchers found that this genetic variant makes the cell less sensitive to TGF-beta, so the cell doesn't get the signal to stop growth. If a person had colon cancer, those cells could multiply more easily.

If you have a family history of colon or rectal cancer, you should discuss this new research with your doctor as soon as possible.

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