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Carpal Tunnel Can Be the Result of Work

Many people have jobs that require repetitive use of the finger and hands which can cause the pain and numbness from carpal tunnel syndrome. factory workers, assembly line workers and even people who use computers can develop the painful symptoms.  The surgery to correct carpal tunnel syndrome is a relatively simple one, but if a doctor is not careful he can injure nerves in the hand that can result in permanent problems that are worse than the carpal tunnel sydrome itself. 

The lawyers at Berger & Lagnese have a wealth of experience handling medical negligence cases for persons who suffered surgical injury during carpal tunnel release surgery. 

If you suspect that you suffered a surgical injury during a carpal tunnel release procedure, please call us at 412-471-4300, or click here. Berger & Lagnese, lawyers specializing in medical malpractice, work on cases in Pittsburgh, Greensburg, Uniontown, Beaver Erie, Washington, and all courts in Western Pennsylvania