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Colon Cancer Not Diagnosed on X-Ray - Medical Malpractice

Our client from Beaver, Pennsylvania went to his family doctor complaining of fatigue and weight loss.  The doctor ordered blood work and this blood work showed that our client could be suffering fom internal blood loss.  The family doctor ordered a barium enema.  The barium enema showed an abnormality suspicious for colon cancer.  The doctor radiologist who performed the barium enema told the family doctor that the abnormality was probably caused by feces in the bowel.  The family doctor agreed with the radiologist that the abnormality was caused by feces within the bowel and not colon cancer.  No follow up was ordered.  Eight months later, our client had a colonoscopy and a large cancerous tumor was found in the exact location where the abnormality had been seen on the barium enema.  By this time, our client's colon cancer had already spread to the liver and now his cancer was untreatable and he died.  We investigated the case and our experts told us that if our client's doctors had taken the proper action our client would have lived. 

We filed a lawsuit and the doctors paid money to compensate our client's family for their loss.

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