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Many pet owners believe that their dog is well trained and would never harass, much less attack, children or adults walking down the street. That said, no matter how well trained a dog can be, sometimes the animal instinct comes through unexpectedly, especially in larger and more predatory breeds. For these larger breeds, owners often take many precautions, like keeping a dog on a leash or restricting their pet to a confined outdoor area. In other cases, an owner will go as far as setting up an electric fence. 

An electric fence is not always visible as it is often stored underground and is tethered to a dog’s collar via radio frequency. Should a pet lose control and break for the street or sidewalk, tripping the electric fence can immediate shock the dog, stunning it temporarily or shocking it into submission. The shock is not fatal or harmful to a dog and keeps others safe. Electric fences are an oft-selected and well known precaution for Pennsylvania owners to take. 

But like most precautions, an electric fence is only as effective as when it works. It is not uncommon for an electric fence to be faulty right out of installation. So if an electric fence is in place, but fails at the time of an attack, Pennsylvania law can hold owners responsible for an injuries caused by their dog’s attack. 

While a failed electric fence could be caused by a lack of maintenance on an owner’s part or shoddy installation, it’s not uncommon for a manufacturer to be liable for a faulty or defective product. 

Injuries sustained in a dog attack could be devastating and even fatal in some cases. If you or a loved one has been attacked and injured by a dog due to an owner’s negligence, contact a personal injury lawyer who could help. Contact the law offices of Berger and Lagnese by calling 412-275-4122 or contact online to schedule your case consultation.