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A study was published in the ANZ Journal of Surgery 64:827 (1994) entitled “Laparoscopic Management of Complication Following Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy”. See a video of laparoscopic cholecystectomy.

In this study, 170 patients underwent laparoscopic gall bladder surgery. Bile duct injuries were the most commonly encountered technical complication, with an incidence rate between 0% and 2% compared to historical rates between 0% and.4%. The mechanism and extent of the injuries varied. Two other technical complications occurred, including one patient who suffered a leak in the common hepatic duct due to a diathermy injury and one who sustained a perforated duodenum. The main culprit, according to the study, is the use of diathermy dissection. Injuries also occurred as a result of a puncture by a Verres needle, diathermy burns or during retraction or adhesolysis. These injuries often go unrecognized at the time of surgery and are uncommon in occurrence. Guidelines exist for minimizing these risks. The study also reports that certain technical complications unique to gall bladder surgery account for a significant number of postoperative deaths.

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