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Lobular Breast Cancer

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Women’s breasts contain glands called lobules.  Those are the glands that produce milk.  The milk then moves through ducts to the nipple.  The majority of breast cancers start in the ducts of the breasts.  This is called ductal carcinoma of the breast or ductal breast cancer.  Some breast cancers, though, start in the lobules.  This type of cancer is called lobular breast cancer.For further information about breast cancer, see the Pennsylvania breast cancer malpractice lawyers.This law firm specializes in medical malpractice cases involving missed breast cancer or the misdiagnosis of breast cancer in Pennsylvania, including Pittsburgh, Beaver, Greensburg, Uniontown, Erie, and Washington PA.


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If you or someone you loved has recently had their breast cancer misdiagnosed, you need skillful representation. Contact the experienced medical malpractice lawyers at Berger & Lagnese, LLC in Pittsburgh, PA. Our lawyers have represented clients in medical malpractice cases stemming from Forbes Hospital, St. Clair Hospital and many other top Pittsburgh, PA hospitals. Our office is located at 310 Grant St #720, Pittsburgh, PA 15219 and consultations can be scheduled either online or by calling (412) 471-4300.