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Dump Truck Crash Injures Three

A dump truck which had an inspection sticker that had expired in June appearantly lost its brakes and caused a very serious accident in the West End of Pittsburgh involving multiple vehicles, a construction trailer and a residential duplex.  Three people were taken to the hospital in ambulances.  The dump truck nearly struck a Port Authority of Allegheny County bus that had numerous people on board.  The driver and the owner of the truck Thomas Didiano and Sons face multiple violations and citations pending police and DOT inspection of the truck.  Click here to read our news item on the specifics of the crash.  Click here to see video of KDKA TV news.This wreck is just another example of how large trucks and tractor trailers can be dangerous to the public at large. This is especially true when the owners of  the trucks fail to follow state and federal regulation regarding the inspection and maintanence of trucks and tractor trailers.

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