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Family of fork lift operator settles workplace negligence case for $1.7 Million

A 52 year old worker was operating a forklift unloading tractor trailers at his workplace.  A trucker who was employed by a trucking company pulled his truct into the unloading area and pulled back the side curtains and unstrapped the pallets on the trailer.  The forklift operator believed that the pallets were ready to be unloaded, and inserted the forks into the pallet on the trailer.  The truck driver was unaware that the forks had been inserted.  The driver started the truck and pulled it forward.  The forklift became trapped and was dragged along by the moving trailer.  The forklift operator jumped off the forklift, but it continued to overturn and fell on his chest, pinning him to the ground.  He died 5 minutes later from asphyxiation.  The family of the forklift operator successfully brought a workplace negligence case and recovered $1.7 million.