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I just had carpal tunnel surgery and my hand is still numb and I have worse pain than before the surgery. Is this normal?

Normally, after the first couple of days following carpal tunnel surgery, you should not have numbness or pain. If numbness and pain persist, you may have suffered an injury to your median nerve. You should go back to your surgeon or seek a second opinion because if the nerve injury is left unaddressed, the chance to repair the injury may be lost and your problems may be permanent.

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In our most desperate times of need, we turn to our doctors and nurses to help us be cured of our medical ailments. However, the reality of the aforementioned is that medical professionals are only human, and thus are not perfect. They can make mistakes, and more often than not it is at the expense of the patient. Even at prestigious Pennsylvania hospitals, such as Forbes Hospital, UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh, or UPMC Presbyterian Shadyside, medical mistakes are bound to happen. Some common medical mistakes are surgical errors, medication errors, and misdiagnosis of an illness. If you have been personally victimized by medical malpractice in Pittsburgh, PA contact the lawyers at Berger & Lagnese, LLC to see what we can do for you.


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When corrective surgery goes wrong it can be mortifying for a patient. After taking the responsibility to seek out medical treatment, a patient must still face equally bad or potentially worse symptoms. This is not be something that Pittsburgh doctors and hospitals should be let off the hook for. If you or a loved one believes that you have suffered from medical malpractice in Pittsburgh, PA, call the skilled lawyers at Berger & Lagnese, LLC for a free consultation. Our office is conveniently located in the heart of Pittsburgh, at 310 Grant St #720, Pittsburgh, PA 15219, and appointments can be scheduled either online or by calling (412) 275-4122.