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Was my child's cerebral palsy (CP)caused by something that happened when my child was born?

When you learn that your child has cerebral palsy, your life undergoes many changes. First, you have to learn how to deal with this scary and challenging diagnosis. Next, you have to figure out how you can provide the best medical care to your child and how to give your child the best life possible. This includes a serious analysis of how you are going to pay for all of your child's medical and therapy needs. Eventually, you will ask yourself how your child got cerebral palsy. Did it occur as a result of something that happened when your child was born in Pittsburgh, PA? During the birthing process, it is essential that your child's brain continue to receive oxygen from blood delivered to the baby via the umbilical cord. If the umbilical cord becomes wrapped or pinched, the amount of oxygen to your child's brain may be decreased or cut off. If this occurs, portions of the brain will die and cerebral palsy may result.
There are several methods that your Pittsburgh doctors and nurses can use during the birth process to make sure that your baby is receiving the appropriate amount of oxygen. If there is evidence of fetal distress, it is necessary for your doctors and nurses to take immediate action to restore oxygen flow. If they are unable to do so very quickly, it is necessary to perform an emergency C-section (cesarean section surgery) to remove your child from the dangerous situation. There are other medical emergencies necessitating C-section, such as when the placenta breaks away from the uterus before delivery (placenta abruptio) or the umbilical cord comes out before the baby is delivered (umbilical cord prolapse).The longer your doctors and nurses wait to take action in response to fetal distress, the more likely your child will have a brain injury resulting in cerebral palsy. 

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