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What is Spastic Hemiplegia?

Spastic Hemiplegia is a form of Spastic Cerebral Palsy in which only one side of your child’s body is rigid and stiff. If your child has Spastic Hemiplegia, their arms or hands might be more affected than their legs. On the affected side, their arm and leg may not develop normally. They may also require leg braces.

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Cerebral Palsy is a birth injury that comes in many forms. There are five main forms of cerebral palsy: Spastic Cerebral Palsy, Athetoid Dyskinetic Cerebral Palsy, Ataxic Cerebral Palsy, Hypotonic Cerebral Palsy, and Mixed Cerebral Palsy. Each of these forms can have different nuances that differentiate them from one another. Regardless of what type of cerebral palsy your child is afflicted with, it will almost always be a very expensive one to care for. That is why having a lawyer with a ton of birth injury experience is so crucial for securing funds. If you or someone you know has recently given birth to a child who has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, or any other birth injury, in the Pittsburgh area you need to contact the attorneys at Berger & Lagnese, LLC.


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Nobody ever thinks that they could have a child with a birth injury. The reality of the situation is that they can happen to anyone, anywhere. Even the top hospitals in Pittsburgh, such as UPMC Presbyterian Shadyside, UPMC Mercy or Jefferson Hospital, have birth injuries occur within their confines. If your child was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy in the Pittsburgh, PA area, contact the skilled birth injury attorneys at Berger & Lagnese, LLC for a free consultation. Our office is located at 310 Grant St #720, Pittsburgh, PA 15219, and consultations can be scheduled both online or over the phone at (412) 275-4122.