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Melamine-Tainted Candy Found in United States

Posted on Jan 26, 2009

White Rabbit Creamy Candy brand candy made in China and sold in the United States has been found to contain the industrial chemical melamine.  The candy was discovered at four different stores in Connecticut on Wednesday, October 1, 2008. In September, the FDA warned consumers about White Rabbit candy because of concerns over possible melamine contamination.  Melamine tainted samples of the candy were also found in California in September.  Melamine is at the heart of China’s scandal over contaminated dairy products.  Used to make plastics and fertilizers, melamine is sometimes illegally mixed into food products, including milk, because its high level of nitrogen helps fool tests that measure protein levels.  In September, Chinese authorities acknowledged that more than 53,000 Chinese infants had been sickened after consuming powdered baby formula that had been contaminated with melamine. Of that total, 13,000 were hospitalized and four died.