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Peanut Plant was Cited for Many Violations Prior to Salmonella Outbreak

According to health inspection reports, the Blakely, Georgia plant that produced peanut butter tainted by salmonella was cited repeatedly in 2006 and 2007 for having dirty surfaces and grease residue and dirt buildup throughout the plant.  In 2008, the plant was repeatedly found to be in violation of cleanliness standards.

Inspections of the plant by the Georgia Agriculture Department found areas of rust that could flake into food, gaps in warehouse doors large enough for rodents to get through, unmarked spray bottles and containers and numerous violations of other practices designed to prevent food contamination.  The plant, owned by the Peanut Corporation of America of Lynchburg, Va., has now been shut down.

The salmonella outbreak has sickened almost 500 people around the country and is linked to seven deaths. More than 125 products containing peanut butter or peanut paste from the Georgia plant have been recalled.  The FDA has created a special website to help the public keep up with the growing list of food products that have been recalled.

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