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Restaurant Inspection Highlights 2008

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports the following "highlights" of local restaurant inspections in 2008:

• Mold in an ice machine at Kretzler's Tavern on Babcock Boulevard, a violation noted for three straight years.

• Raw sausage being stored in the same container as ready-to-eat lunch meats at Lupi's Famous Pizza on Babcock Boulevard.

• Eggs, macaroni, potato salad, cheese and lunch meats being stored at unsafe temperatures at Chuck E. Cheese's on McKnight Road.  The same problem was found in inspections the previous two years.

• Raw chicken being lifted over cooked pasta contaminating it with raw chicken juices, and a dirty towel resting on top of raw ground meat at the Cheesecake Factory on Ross Park Mall Drive.

• Roaches in the kitchen and dead roaches on food storage shelves at China Star on McKnight Road following similar roach sightings last year.

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