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Severe Liver Injury Alert -- Xenical and Alli Weight Loss Products

Cases of severe liver injury in patients taking the drug "Orlistat" have been documented by the FDA.  Orlistat is sold by prescription as Xenical in 120 mg strength and over the counter as Alli in 60 mg strength.   The FDA recently identified thirteen cases of severe liver injury with orlistat during an approximate ten-year period. Patients should contact their doctor if they experience symptoms of liver dysfunction. These include itching, yellow eyes or skin, dark urine, light-colored stools, or loss of appetite. The FDA said that if liver injury is suspected, clinicians should advise patients to stop taking orlistat immediately. If you believe you have suffered an a liver injury from taking Alli or Xenical, contact the medical negligence and tort experts at Berger & Lagnese to get a free consultation and more information.