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Everyone at the Law Firm of Berger Lagnese were very helpful and treated me with courtesy and respect. David Paul and Joshua Berger were champions regarding bringing my case to a successful close. They were always available to answer my questions, were very knowledgeable and patient which gave me a tremendous amount of comfort and confidence in having chosen the team of Berger Lagnese to represent me and my family with regards to my medical malpractice case. My journey following having unnecessary surgery was a difficult one for me. The physical pain and suffering along with the hardships that were associated with my inability to continue employment,  following the unnecessary surgery, caused irreversible damage in my life. But when I spoke with David and Josh at Berger Lagnese they put me at ease and made me feel valued  because I was not a number to them, I mattered, and my family mattered. I cannot say enough about this wonderful, hard working law firm whose professionalism and genuine concern for their clients truly makes a positive impact in ones life. To have them on your side, to trust their team, is  one of the best decisions you will ever make. Google User