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Burn injuries can be devastating and life-changing, depending on their severity. Those who have suffered burn injuries due to the negligent or wrongful conduct of another may be entitled to damages under Pennsylvania law. Regardless of how severe the burn injury is, however, the front-and-center aesthetic damage associated with burn injuries can cause injured victims to shy away from the spotlight, to some extent. In many cases, burn injury plaintiffs feel uncomfortable with the prospect of pursuing damages, as they may (justifiably) be prioritizing their medical recovery without fully considering the value of a legal dispute for their financial health.

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Here at Berger Lagnese & Paul, LLC in Pittsburgh, PA, our personal injury lawyers have extensive experience handling burn injury claims and resolving them favorably for our clients. We routinely represent victims of negligence in Pittsburgh, Cranberry Township, Erie, Greensburg, New Castle, and throughout Western Pennsylvania. Contact our firm for further assistance.

Types of Burn Injuries in Butler, Pennsylvania

Burn injuries can range from minor burns to more severe burns that cause severe and disabling damage to your body and general functions. These injuries can be split into three primary types:

First-Degree Burns: First-degree burns cause damage to the outermost layer of one’s skin and generally result in temporary damage (in the form of pain swelling, rashes, and fissures). Given proper care, victims of first-degree burns may fully recover without any continuing issues.

Second-Degree Burns: Second degree burns cause damage to the top two layers of one’s skin and generally result in permanent aesthetic damage (absent the use of surgical skin grafts). If the burn is not too severe, functional recovery may be possible with adequate care. If you receive a second-degree burn on your face, you could be forced to deal with significant issues in your various work and personal relationships, and you may therefore be entitled to damages that reflect those unique losses.

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Third-Degree Burns: Third-degree burns cause damage to each and every layer of one’s skin and almost always lead to permanent damage, both aesthetic and functional in nature. Third-degree burns may affect the tissue so deeply that your neurological system is affected — in fact, it’s not uncommon for third-degree burn victims to be left with various sensory and motor function deficits as a result of their burns. These issues can give the victim a right to recover damages relating to their loss of work stemming from the injuries.

Burn Injury Risks Are Quite Variable

Burn injuries are not just the result of fires and explosions. In fact, burn injuries often arise in the context of chemical exposure (i.e., a chemical spill), or high-powered, high-heat steam exposure at construction sites. These types of burn injuries are often unexpected, as the victims may not be aware of the burn risks associated with such exposure. For example, a worker may act carelessly around steam pipes without considering the possibility of a burn injury should they negligently loosen the pipes without shutting off steam power.

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