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Prescription medication errors and drug treatment errors can lead to a variety of injuries, and even death. Though prescription medication is commonly treated with a flippant, casual mentality, the reality is that certain prescribed medications may have severe side effects if administered or prescribed improperly.

For example, imagine that you suffer from a heart disease for which you are taking medication. Your physician prescribes a new medication that poses an injury risk when taken in conjunction with your heart disease medication. Your physician may very well be found guilty of malpractice in the event that you suffer injuries as a result.

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If you have been injured as a result of medication errors, you may be entitled to obtain compensation pursuant to Pennsylvania law. Medication errors are not easy to prove, however, as you must bring forth evidence demonstrating that the health care professionals in charge of your care acted negligently in committing the medication error.

In order to succeed in your claim, you will need the skills of a medical malpractice attorney who has obtained favorable results for similarly-positioned medical error victims. Contact Berger Lagnese & Paul, LLC, to set up a free consultation with a Pittsburgh medication errors lawyer today.

Negligent Acts in the Medication Errors Context

There are a number of different ways in which a healthcare professional can be negligent in the context of medication errors. Injury-causing medication errors may be caused by the negligence of a healthcare professional in:

  • Failing to warn about the side effects of a medication
  • Failing to instruct the patient about proper usage, which includes dosage, administration of the medication, dietary requirements, and more
  • Failing to label the medication correctly, whether the mislabeling relates to the name itself or the dosage of the medication
  • Failing to take into account the potentially negative interactions of the prescribed medication with various other medications that the patient is already taking
  • Failing to conduct proper due diligence of the patient’s medical history and to prescribe a medication that is safe given such history
  • Writing the prescription illegibly, resulting in a pharmaceutical mistake (i.e., wrong medication or wrong dosage)
  • Distributing the wrong medication altogether
  • Making a mistake on dosage amount
  • And more

Some negligent acts may seem rather minor at first, but can result in severe injuries to the patient. For example, if a doctor mistakenly writes the wrong dosage (eg. 100mg instead of 10mg), the difference could be fatal when it comes to certain medications and patient medical histories.

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Berger Lagnese & Paul, LLC, is a firm with nearly three decades of experience litigating medical malpractice claims of all sorts, including medication error cases where a healthcare professional acts negligently in prescribing, distributing, and/or instructing the patient on the medication.

In one case, for example, one of our clients was improperly prescribed steroids to treat her headaches. Due to the medical malpractice of the doctor in improperly prescribing steroids to treat the headaches, our client suffered muscular degeneration and was forced to get a hip replacement. We successfully settled the case in favor of our client.

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