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Of the various medical malpractice errors that arise from the negligence of healthcare professionals, perhaps the most dangerous are surgical errors. Surgical errors can have severe and wide-ranging effects on the patient victim’s life. Surgical intervention is not a simple matter in most cases, given that there are inherent risks to surgery. These inherent risks, however, are compounded by the negligence of those healthcare professionals involved in the surgical intervention.

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If you have suffered an injury resulting from surgical errors, Pennsylvania medical malpractice law may entitle you to compensation for your injuries. To evaluate your claim and to determine whether you may, in fact, recover damages for your injuries, contact an experienced Pittsburgh Surgery Injury Lawyer at Berger Lagnese & Paul, LLC, today.

Examples of Surgical Injuries & Errors

Surgical errors are best defined as errors that occur during the surgical operation phase, but that was entirely preventable. Surgical errors involve risks that are much greater than that normally associated with a particular surgery. For example, if you go in for a minor, outpatient surgical procedure and leave with a severe infection that threatens the long-term health of your organs, then it is highly likely that a surgical error has occurred.

Surgical errors include, but are not necessarily limited, to:

  • Unnecessary and accidental damage caused to tissue, nerves, and/or organs
  • Anesthesia-related errors
  • Failure to remove all surgical equipment from the body
  • Causing a serious infection
  • Imprecise incisions

Common Causes of Surgical Malpractice

There are many different causes of surgical errors, but negligence committed by the treating healthcare professionals lies at the roots of nearly all of them. The most common causes of surgical errors include:

  • Failure to adequately account for the risks of surgical intervention in the preoperative phase. For example, staff may not have properly assessed the patient’s medical history, which could affect the patient’s injury risks.
  • Fatigue and intoxication. Healthcare professionals often have long shifts and suffer from fatigue, which they may self-treat with stimulants and other drugs. This fatigue and intoxication can heighten the risk of injury during surgical intervention.
  • Improper hygiene. Infection risks are a serious concern during surgery. If the surgical staff has not maintained the instruments hygienically, then the patient could be exposed to a risk of infection.
  • Incompetent personnel. Though healthcare professionals in surgery undergo a lengthy training period, some simply lack the ability to perform surgical procedures at the necessary standard.

It can be difficult to determine what initially caused the surgical error. With the help of a Pittsburgh surgery injury lawyer, however, you will be able to investigate the facts more thoroughly and recruit healthcare experts to clarify the likely causes.

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