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Pittsburgh Misdiagnosis of Brain Tumors/Cancer Lawyers

Compassionate Medical Malpractice Attorneys Fight on Behalf of Patients and Their Families When Brain Tumors Are Misdiagnosed in Pittsburgh, PA

Patients assume that their physicians and other medical providers will correctly evaluate symptoms that the patient may be suffering and diagnose the patient’s ailment. In particular, we all expect that our health care professionals will promptly diagnose us when we are suffering from cancer so that we can receive treatment as promptly as possible to give ourselves the best chance at beating cancer. That is why a misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis of cancer, especially a deadly and aggressive type of cancer such as brain cancer, can have severe consequences for patients and their families, including significantly reduced life expectancy, lowered quality of life, and increased pain and suffering.

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If you or a loved one have suffered due to misdiagnosis of a brain tumor or brain cancer as a result of the negligence of your physician or other medical provider, you may be entitled to compensation for the financial damages and personal suffering you have had to endure as a result of your misdiagnosis. Let an experienced medical malpractice attorney handle the hard work of navigating the factual and legal complexities of a medical malpractice claim. Contact Berger Lagnese & Paul, LLC today for a free evaluation with one of our skilled attorneys to go over the details of your case.

How Negligence Leads to Misdiagnosed Brain Tumors/Cancer

Symptoms of a brain tumor will depend on the type of tumor or cancer and its location in the brain. If you are suffering from brain cancer, you may experience physical symptoms like persistent and/or severe headaches or weakness in your face or a side of your body or even a severe symptom such as a seizure; alternatively,  you may experience cognitive symptoms like difficulty comprehending spoken or written speech. 

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Medical professionals should recognize the symptoms of a possible brain tumor or brain cancer and should immediately order further testing to confirm the diagnosis. However, negligence by health care professionals can easily lead to misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis of brain tumors or brain cancer. Errors by medical providers that can result in misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis include:

  • Failing to take a full patient history
  • Failing to perform a thorough physical examination
  • Failing to include brain tumor or brain cancer in the differential diagnosis
  • Failing to order appropriate tests in response to patient symptoms
  • Failing to properly interpret the results of tests
  • Failing to consult with specialists, such as oncologists

When your doctor has committed the above or other errors and your brain tumor or cancer ends up being misdiagnosed, such as being diagnosed as a secondary tumor (that is, a tumor that has spread from another part of the body) you may have a viable claim for medical malpractice

Berger Lagnese & Paul, LLC Will Help You Secure the Financial Recovery You Deserve When You Suffer Misdiagnosis or Delayed Diagnosis of Your Brain Tumor

When you or a loved one are the victim of a misdiagnosed brain tumor or brain cancer, you likely will have suffered both financial and personal damages that you are entitled to be compensated for, including:

  • Additional medical treatment expenses, such as medical procedures that you would not need to have undergone but for your misdiagnosis
  • Lost wages and lost earning capacity for additional time you miss from work as a direct and proximate result of your misdiagnosis
  • Increased pain and suffering caused by misdiagnosis
  • Loss of enjoyment or quality of life, including reduced lifespan as a result of your misdiagnosis
  • Loss of consortium, or your spouse’s loss of your companionship and society

In choosing Berger Lagnese & Paul, LLC to represent you in your brain tumor/cancer misdiagnosis claim, you can expect that our legal team will use all our experience and resources to thoroughly investigate your case. We know how factually and legally complex medical malpractices cases, especially cancer misdiagnosis cases, can be. That is why our firm also works with leading medical experts to build a strong, persuasive legal argument on your behalf. You can trust that our attorneys will not rest until we’ve obtained the maximum compensation that you and your family deserve. 

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If you or a loved one have had a brain tumor or brain cancer misdiagnosed, you deserve to seek compensation for the damages you’ve suffered as a result of your misdiagnosis. Schedule a free, no-obligation initial case review with the Pittsburgh medical malpractice attorneys of Berger Lagnese & Paul, LLC to learn more about your rights and the damages you may be entitled to compensation for, and to discuss how having our experienced attorneys in your corner can give you the best chance at receiving maximum compensation in your brain tumor/cancer misdiagnosis case.

Frequently Asked Questions about Misdiagnosis of Brain Tumors/Cancer in Pittsburgh, PA

If it has been years since my misdiagnosis, can I still file suit against my doctors?

Under Pennsylvania’s statute of limitations, you generally have two years from the date of the incident of malpractice in which to file a medical malpractice lawsuit. However, this limitations period can be extended, or “tolled”, until you discover or should reasonably have discovered that you were injured by your doctor’s malpractice/misdiagnosis. Thus, if you could not have discovered that you were harmed by your physician’s misdiagnosis of your brain tumor or cancer until some time after the misdiagnosis occurred, your malpractice claim may be preserved for that period of time.

If I seek treatment after my brain tumor/cancer is correctly diagnosed, will that affect my medical malpractice claim?

No; in fact, the exact opposite is true. If you wait or fail to seek treatment for your brain tumor or cancer, you may end up hurting your case or making it difficult to establish the extent of your compensable damages by failing to fulfill your duty to mitigate your damages by seeking treatment as soon as possible to cure your brain tumor/cancer or prevent your condition from continuing to worsen.

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