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The medical and legal communities impose certain standards to which doctors and other healthcare workers must adhere for a reason—while the doctor-patient relationship may be “sacred”, it is also inherently unequal. Most patients lack the medical training necessary to truly understand what must be done to diagnose, prevent and treat injuries and illnesses. As a result, patients have no choice but to rely upon the expertise of their trusted medical team to protect their most valuable of assets—their health. When that trust is misplaced, the results can be devastating.

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Medical malpractice cases are especially complicated because they require a certain level of expertise in two difficult professional fields—law and medicine. At Berger Lagnese & Paul, LLC, our lawyers have been working with doctors and medical experts to successfully litigate medical malpractice cases in Wilkinsburg and throughout Western Pennsylvania for decades. While our lawyers do not have formal medical training themselves, we have a board-certified physician on our staff to help us navigate even the most complex of medical malpractice cases and obtain the best possible financial results for our clients.

Medical Malpractice Can Be Difficult to Identify in Wilkinsburg, PA

To successfully recover compensation in a Wilkinsburg medical malpractice lawsuit, we must satisfy the legal requirements that apply in these cases and also establish that medical negligence caused you to suffer harm. In every medical malpractice case, we will establish:

  • The relevant duty of care that the doctor or healthcare provider,
  • That the treatment actually provided unreasonably and unacceptably deviated from this duty of care,
  • That you suffered additional harm that was directly caused by the healthcare provider’s failure to perform in accordance with the relevant standard of care, and
  • The harm you suffered caused damages, whether in the form of the cost of additional medical care, pain and suffering, lost wages or otherwise.

Establishing causation is often one of the more complex issues in a medical malpractice case. For example, certain types of cancer can be particularly aggressive and, if not treated promptly and properly, can result in a tragic and preventable death. However, we must also establish that, from a medical perspective, the doctor or healthcare provider committed some unreasonably careless act that caused the failure to diagnose or delayed diagnosis, which, in turn, caused you to suffer the additional harm.

While cancer progression is one frequent result of medical malpractice, we have successfully handled cases resulting in:

Litigating medical malpractice lawsuits can be difficult, but our experienced lawyers have the work ethic, skills and resources necessary to help you obtain the maximum amount of compensation possible in your case.

Skilled Lawyers Fight to Maximize Compensation Awards for Medical Malpractice Victims in Wilkinsburg, PA

Although medical malpractice is often the result of doctor negligence, in many other cases, it is the hospital or medical facility that will actually be held financially responsible for the results of medical malpractice. Medical malpractice can result from:

  • Improper patient monitoring
  • Failure to properly sterilize hospital equipment
  • Surgical errors
  • Emergency room errors
  • Ordering the wrong lab tests
  • Improper reading of diagnostic tests
  • Negligent scheduling, which can result in a situation where hospital staff is overly fatigued
  • Poor training procedures

Regardless of how your medical malpractice-related harm arose, our lawyers will fight to recover compensation for all of your medical care, as well as the pain and suffering that you endured as a result of the negligent care.

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When you suspect you were the victim of medical malpractice, it can be difficult to know where to turn for help. We provide all of our potential clients with a free initial consultation so that you have the opportunity to get to know us, and so that we can provide our honest opinion about how to best protect your right to compensation in a medical malpractice lawsuit. Call a knowledgeable Wilkinsburg medical malpractice lawyer, or fill out this secure online contact form, to schedule your free consultation today.

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About Wilkinsburg, PA

Wilkinsburg is located near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in Allegheny County and was named for former Quartermaster General John Wilkins, Jr. As is the case with much of the area, Wilkinsburg suffered economic decline when many steel-related employers left the area in the mid-to-late 20th century. However, Wilkinsburg has recently taken steps to bring businesses back to the area, emphasize the importance of community in Wilkinsburg and capitalize upon its attractive location as a suburb of the growing Pittsburgh metropolitan area.

Frequently Asked Questions About Medical Malpractice Claims

Who pays the compensation award if I win a medical malpractice case in Wilkinsburg?

The doctor or hospital’s medical malpractice insurance company will pay your compensation award. In some cases, if insurance is insufficient, the negligent doctor or hospital will actually be required to make up the difference between the insurance payment and the total amount of your compensation award. In other cases, a fund established by the state of Pennsylvania will provide compensation in medical malpractice cases where the doctor or hospital’s insurance coverage was insufficient to cover your entire award.

How can a hospital be negligent? Isn’t it the people who work for the hospital who would be held financially responsible for negligence in a medical malpractice lawsuit?

Technically, yes. However, the hospital is an entity for which many people work, and that collective group has a responsibility to ensure that policies and procedures are put into place to ensure patient safety and prevent malpractice. If the hospital (and, by this, we mean senior hospital officials who are responsible for overseeing the hospital) fails to put procedures into place that would prevent medical malpractice from occurring—such as providing protocols for training hospital staff members—the hospital itself can be held financially responsible for the resulting harm based on an agency theory whereby employers are held responsible for the acts of employees committed in the course of employment.

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