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If you were injured on another’s property because the premises were poorly maintained or unsecured, you may be eligible for compensation. This type of legal case, known as a premises liability case, is based on the concept that owners and residents of property are liable for accidents and injuries that occur. A visitor invited onto the property (either explicitly or implicitly) should have a reasonable expectation that it will be safe.

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Examples of Premises Liability Accidents

Although there are many types of accidents that can be part of a premises liability case, common claims involve:

Slip and falls: These types of accidents (also called trip and fall, deeding on the exact cause of the injury) are by far the most common cause of injury in premises liability cases. These can happen at apartment buildings, private homes, retail stores, offices, schools and any other type of premises.

Dog bites: If your dog attacks someone who was on your premises, you could be liable for the injuries suffered. Conversely, if you were attacked by a dog known to be aggressive or dangerous, you may be able to claim that the owner was negligent.

Swimming pool accidents: Both private backyard swimming pools as well as public pools and those in hotels or other facilities, must be maintained safely. This means having warning signs, a fence where required, water depth postings, a safe pool deck and rescue equipment available.

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Inadequate security: These cases usually involve public spaces like parking lots, garages, schools, shopping malls, and apartment buildings. Factors in these cases can include lighting, the absence or presence of security guards, fences, screening procedures and other measures related to securing the premises.

Elevator accidents: Failing to correct problems and perform routine maintenance can leave a building owner liable for injuries and fatalities that occur in elevator accidents.

Amusement park accidents: Amusement park rides are supposed to seem dangerous—that is part of the thrill. However when a poor design or negligent maintenance make them truly dangerous and injuries occur, then the injured party may be eligible for compensation.

Issues in Premises Liability Cases

These cases can be complicated because laws can vary among jurisdictions. The injured party must prove that the owner or resident had a duty of care, which depends on the reason the injured person was on the property. Then the plaintiff must demonstrate that the duty of care was breached, or not fulfilled. Next, the injured party must show that the breach caused harm or injury. Finally, he or she must prove that the injury caused real damage.

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