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When you or a loved one suffer an infection, particularly an infection that is acquired in medical settings such as a hospital or nursing home, the failure to diagnose and treat that infection can lead to a condition known as sepsis. Sepsis is a potentially life-threatening complication of an infection that reaches a person’s bloodstream. Although not every case of sepsis is the result of medical malpractice, when you or your loved one’s medical providers commit errors that result in a failure to diagnose or timely treat an infection that eventually leads to sepsis and injuries due to complications, you and your family deserve to seek compensation for the harm and damages you’ve suffered. At Berger Lagnese & Paul, LLC, a dedicated Pittsburgh Sepsis Lawyer will aggressively pursue the best possible result in your case so that you receive fair and full compensation.

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If you’ve experienced complications due to sepsis that occurred while you were under treatment, contact our firm today to discuss the details of your case and to learn more about your legal rights and options if you’ve been the victim of medical malpractice. We are ready to help you pursue the compensation and justice that you deserve from those responsible for your injuries and damages.

How Sepsis Results from Malpractice

Sepsis is the result of your body’s reaction when your immune system is not able to fight off or control an infection, and the infection is able to enter your bloodstream and affect other tissues and organs. As a result, when you suffer from sepsis, your bodily functions can begin to shut down without prompt medical intervention. Sepsis can also lead to blood clots, which can result in heart attack or stroke. Certain types of people are particularly at risk for sepsis, including older adults, pregnant women, infants, persons with weakened immune systems (such as cancer patients who have undergone chemotherapy or radiation treatment), and persons with underlying health conditions like cancer, diabetes, or lung or kidney disease. Even if sepsis is cleared up, if the infection has been allowed to persist in a patient’s body for too long, he or she may end up suffering long-term or permanent injury or disability. 

If you are diagnosed with an infection, your medical providers should begin monitoring you for complications from that infection, including sepsis. However, when your doctors and other health care professionals fail to timely diagnose an infection or fail to properly monitor a diagnosed infection, you can easily end up suffering from sepsis. Doctors and other providers may be liable for medical malpractice that leads to injury from sepsis when they fail to take actions during your care such as:

  • Taking a full history
  • Conducting a full physical examination
  • Ordering the proper tests
  • Correctly interpreting test results
  • Monitoring you for changes to your condition or signs of complications or distress
  • Consulting with specialists when your case exceeds your physician’s field of experience

When these failures occur to lead you to develop sepsis and harmful complications therefrom, you may be entitled to pursue a medical malpractice claim against your providers.

Berger Lagnese & Paul, LLC Will Aggressively Pursue the Financial Compensation You Need and Deserve After You’ve Suffered from Sepsis Due to Negligence in Pittsburgh

More often than not, when you end up suffering from sepsis, that means that something has gone wrong during your medical care. When a medical provider makes an avoidable mistake that leads you to suffer more than you otherwise would have, you deserve to seek financial compensation and accountability for that mistake. The Pittsburgh medical malpractice attorneys at Berger Lagnese & Paul, LLC will work tirelessly on your behalf to secure fair and full compensation for your damages, including for medical and personal care, lost wages and future earning potential, and loss of quality of life and pain and suffering.

When you choose Berger Lagnese & Paul, LLC to represent you in your medical malpractice claim arising from sepsis, you can expect that our legal team will conduct a thorough, independent investigation to determine whether and how your providers’ negligence led you to suffer harm due to sepsis. Our firm is highly experienced in handling some of the most complicated medical malpractice cases; we frequently work with leading medical experts to help us build, strong, persuasive legal cases on your behalf.

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If you or a family member have developed sepsis due to a medical provider’s negligence, you may have legal rights to financial compensation for your monetary losses and the pain and suffering you’ve endured as a result of your condition. Contact Berger Lagnese & Paul, LLC today to set up a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our Pittsburgh medical malpractice lawyers to go over the details of your case and to learn more about how having an experienced attorney in your corner can maximize your financial recovery in your case. 

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Frequently Asked Questions about Sepsis

What kinds of compensation can I expect in a medical malpractice claim if I or a loved one suffered from sepsis due to a health care provider’s negligence?

If you or a loved one have suffered sepsis due to negligence by your healthcare provider, you may be entitled to compensation for the costs of medical treatment for the complications and injuries caused by your sepsis, costs of long-term care necessitated by permanent complications or disabilities caused by sepsis, lost wages/income for time you miss from work while recovering from sepsis, lost earning capacity if you are unable to return to work, and pain and suffering and lost quality of life.

Who may be liable for causing my sepsis?

There are many parties whose negligence may be responsible for causing you to suffer from sepsis, including doctors, nurses, aides, or laboratory technicians who negligently conduct tests ordered on your behalf. In addition, hospitals, clinics, or nursing homes that employ your medical providers whose carelessness leads you to suffer from sepsis may also be held liable for your injuries and damages under employer liability.

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