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Seeking out treatment for a suspected medical condition can be stressful and traumatic in and of itself. You want to recover from your condition to live life to the fullest and expect that your doctors and other healthcare providers will provide you with the best medical care possible. Unfortunately, one simple mistake by a doctor or healthcare provider can prevent you from achieving a positive outcome, and, in most cases, there is almost nothing that you can do to stop the harm from happening.

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At Berger Lagnese & Paul, LLC, our entire practice is focused on helping injured people recover compensation from those people and entities whose careless actions caused unnecessary harm. In medical malpractice cases, it is especially important to retain a lawyer with specialized experience handling medical malpractice cases. In our four decades’ worth of experience protecting patient safety in Whitehall and the surrounding communities, we have developed a reputation for excellence and our client testimonials speak for themselves. Call a Whitehall medical malpractice lawyer today to see how we can help you recover financially while you focus on recovering from the physical harm you have suffered.

Medical Malpractice Lawsuits in Whitehall, Pennsylvania

While the patient usually cannot prevent the adverse effects of carelessness on the part of a doctor or healthcare provider, harm suffered by patients can often be prevented if medically trained individuals simply exercised caution and provided appropriate care. Doctors, nurses, radiologists, obstetricians, and other medical professionals are all required to undergo specific and extensive training designed to prevent medical negligence.

When a medical professional ignores the relevant standard of care or is inadequately trained to provide the treatment in question, patients suffer harm that may have been entirely preventable. Medical malpractice can occur when, for example:

  • The doctor fails to take a full patient history,
  • The doctor fails to order the correct tests, and therefore fails to diagnose a disease,
  • The doctor misreads lab results, resulting in failure to diagnose or misdiagnosis,
  • The healthcare worker ignores patient concerns, resulting in delayed diagnosis,
  • A surgeon operates on the wrong body part, or leaves a surgical tool in the patient,
  • An obstetrician fails to properly monitor a fetus or mother, resulting in preventable birth injuries,
  • A pharmacy fills the wrong prescription, or a doctor orders the wrong medication or dosage,
  • The hospital or medical facility fails to properly train staff or implement procedures designed to ensure medical tools are appropriately sterilized to prevent infection.

Do You Suspect Medical Malpractice in Whitehall, PA? Call Berger Lagnese & Paul, LLC and Our Skilled Medical Malpractice Lawyers Will Conduct a Full Case Analysis

Establishing liability in every medical malpractice case is different because every patient’s circumstances are unique. Despite this, all victims of medical malpractice share the need to recover compensation for the harm they have suffered—medical treatment is expensive, and many patients remain unable to work while they receive care for the additional harm caused by medical malpractice. At Berger Lagnese & Paul, LLC, our experienced Whitehall medical malpractice lawyers will work tirelessly to recover compensation for:

  • Medical expenses,
  • Future medical and rehabilitative care,
  • Specialized care made necessary because of the additional harm suffered,
  • Lost wages and salary,
  • Lost earning potential,
  • Loss of enjoyment of life,
  • Humiliation and emotional distress,
  • Pain and suffering,
  • Loss of companionship and support in wrongful death cases.

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If you suspect that negligent medical care was the cause of harm that you have suffered, call our offices today to schedule a free initial consultation with our experienced medical malpractice lawyers. You can also fill out this secure online contact form to tell us what happened in your case. We serve clients in Whitehall and throughout Western Pennsylvania and are committed to protecting patient safety in our communities.

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About Whitehall, PA

Whitehall is a part of the Pittsburgh metropolitan area in Allegheny County and is home to about 13,733 residents (as of 2017). It is thought that Whitehall was named after a nearby tavern (named “White Hall”) which operated in the area in the 1850s. Whitehall is currently served by the Baldwin-Whitehall school district and has been a home rule community since the 1970s. Pennsylvania’s Route 51 connects Whitehall to downtown Pittsburgh and, while no trains service Whitehall directly, the area is served by at least four bus lines.

Frequently Asked Questions About Medical Malpractice Claims

If I decide to pursue a claim for medical malpractice against my doctor in Whitehall, does that mean that other patients will have more difficulty receiving medical care in the future?

No. Medical malpractice lawsuits have not been shown to negatively impact patient care, primarily because the state of Pennsylvania has taken significant steps to make pursuing a medical malpractice case much more difficult. This means that you must first establish certain critical elements before you can even file a lawsuit for medical malpractice, and you must find another doctor who will attest to the fact that your doctor committed malpractice. These and other requirements have reduced the incidence of frivolous medical malpractice lawsuits, meaning that only negligent doctors and hospitals will be punished. Even more importantly, doctors and hospitals must have malpractice insurance. Insurance companies are acutely aware of the cost of a medical malpractice lawsuit, so will require that certain steps be taken to protect patient safety.

What if my doctor was negligent in providing my care, but someone else caught the error in time so that I wasn’t actually injured?

Do I have a case for medical malpractice based upon my doctor’s negligence? Under Pennsylvania law, you must establish both the negligence element and the fact that the negligence caused you to suffer some type of harm. This means that if you were not injured and your condition wasn’t worsened by the doctor’s mistake, you cannot sue for medical malpractice even if it was someone else who corrected the doctor’s mistake.

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