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About two million people in the United States live with an amputated limb. Many of these victims were injured in combat, suffered from diabetes, or sustained injuries on the job or in a motor vehicle crash. However, when the amputation occurred because of a medical mistake that did not have to happen, victims feel as if their trust was violated. They face significant disabilities that could prevent them from driving, working, or enjoying their lives as before. They wonder if they can obtain justice.

Compensation May Be Available for an Amputation Caused by Negligence in Pennsylvania

People who experienced the tragedy of wrongful amputation may be eligible to file Pennsylvania medical malpractice claims seeking compensation for their expenses related to the loss of a limb. In addition to receiving payment for their medical bills, victims may also be eligible to recover the costs of physical therapy and prosthetics, vehicle and home modification, loss of past and future income, and job retraining, as well as compensation for pain and suffering.

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Examples of Wrongful Amputation in Pennsylvania

Amputations may be medically necessary in cases of poor circulation, infection, serious crush injuries, frostbite, and cancerous tumors. However, when a doctor fails to treat a medical condition because of negligence and the result is amputation, a victim could be eligible to file a medical malpractice claim in Pennsylvania. Common reasons for filing a claim because of a wrongful amputation include:

  • Failure to diagnose or treat peripheral artery disease, resulting in amputation.
  • Failure to diagnose or treat diabetes, resulting in amputation.
  • Failure to diagnose or treat bacterial and other infections, resulting in amputation.
  • Incorrect charting that causes a physician to wrongfully amputate, fail to amputate, or otherwise fail to treat a condition.
  • Amputating the wrong limb during surgery.

Long-Term Consequences of Wrongful Amputation

In addition to experiencing the immediate pain, disability, and trauma of wrongfully losing a limb, victims may also experience longer-term consequences. They may suffer phantom limb pain, amputation neuroma and pain, ongoing wound infection, problems caused by poorly fitted prosthesis, depression or PTSD, and muscle loss. They may require additional surgery. They could even die because of ongoing infections. Or they may act on suicidal thoughts caused by depression.

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