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$450,000 Jury Verdict In Beaver, PA For A Cut Nerve During Surgery

Our client had a back surgery spinal fusion at Beaver Medical Center in Beaver, Pennsylvania.  The surgery was performed by Dr. Kaye.  During the operation, Dr. Kaye removed bone from our client’s pelvis for use in the spinal fusion.  After the surgery, our client had strange and painful sensations in his leg.  He went to another surgeon who performed surgery and discovered that Dr. Kaye had cut our client’s lateral femoral cutaneous nerve during his operation.   We filed a lawsuit against Dr. Kaye and the Medical Center of Beaver County.  Prior to trial, the defendants made no offer to settle the case.  We went to trial and argued that Dr. Kaye had committed medical malpractice and also failed to obtain our client’s informed consent to the surgery by not advising our client that he could suffer nerve damage.

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