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$625,000 Verdict in Bladder Cancer Medical Malpractice Case

Our client contacted us because he had bladder cancer which he believed had not been diagnosed and treated appropriately by his urologist.  We filed a medical malpractice case against the urologist.  During the case, we discovered that the doctor had done urine tests of our client and that blood was in his urine.  Also, our client had complained to hsi doctor that he had urinary frequency, nocturia, and urinary urgency.  Unfortunately, the urologist did not order the follow-up tests and procedures which were available to diagnose bladder cancer at an early stage. We also determined that our client had a type of bladder cancer which could have been cured by BCG (bacillus calmette-guerin) treatment, had it been diagnosed and treated earlier.   This delay allowed the cancer to spread and caused our client’s death.  Prior to trial, the urologist made no offer to settle the case.  The jury reached a verdict of $625,000 for our client.

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