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6 Smart Steps to Take After a Car, Truck or Other Vehicle Accident

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Vehicular accidents are unfortunately common occurrences everywhere.

If you find yourself involved in a motor vehicle accident, there are steps you can take to help yourself after the accident.

Here are 6 simple and smart steps to take after an accident.

1. At the scene, get the necessary information.  After a car, truck, or other vehicle accident, no matter how minor it may seem at the time, it may save time and money down the line to record:

— The names and contact information of the other driver, any passengers, onlookers or witnesses;

— The other driver’s insurance company and policy number;

— The make, model, color and license plate of the vehicles involved;

—  The vehicle owner information.

2. Photographic Documentation:  If possible, take photographs of the scene, the other drivers, passengers and other people on or near the scene, the weather conditions, any roadway conditions, the vehicles involved from all sides to show damage.  Keep the images in a safe place.

3.  Injuries:  Remember that often injuries or the extent of your injuries may not be immediately apparent.  Do not assume that you are okay.  You cannot know that for sure at this time.

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4.  Police/Ambulance/Other Personnel:  If police, ambulance or other personnel respond to the scene, do not admit fault.  This includes admitting fault  to the other party.  Even if you believe you may be at fault, do not take the blame because it is too soon for you to know and understand all of the circumstances that caused the accident and injuries.

5. Protect yourself and your family :  Call your attorney as soon as possible and BEFORE speaking to any insurance company including your own insurance company.  Usually insurance companies will contact you directly after an accident. You risk giving information, even inadvertently, that can seriously damage your case.  Your attorney will guide you through making the report to your insurance company in the right way and give you instructions on your next steps.

6.  If there are injuries and damages, do not settle a claim without legal representation:  Consult with your attorney before speaking with either insurance company or accepting any settlement offers.

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