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Confidential Settlement For Brain Tumor Misdiagnosis

When our client came to see us, she told us that she had had severe headaches and other symptoms and had been  diagnosed by her doctors as having an abnormal vertebral artery.  Those doctors had performed brain surgeries on her to correct the vertebral artery, but that her headaches and other symptoms had continued.  She then told us that several years later she had been diagnosed by other doctors with a carotid body tumor, which is a tumor in the head in the area of the carotid artery.  

We filed a case against the doctors who had performed the brain surgeries on the basis that they had failed to diagnose the actual cause of her problems – the carotid tumor- and that the brain surgeries were completely unnecessary.

During the case, we discovered that the brain surgery doctors had performed an MRI of the head which had showed the carotid tumor, but they had not told our client about it and did nothing in response to that finding. 

We obtained an excellent settlement in which the doctors paid money to our client for misdiagnosis of her tumor.

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