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Confidential Settlement For Failure To Diagnose Cervical Cancer on Pap Smear

Our client was diagnosed with cervical cancer which had spread to her liver and lungs.  We obtained our client’s medical records and discovered that her gynecologist had previously taken several Pap smears (Pap test).  We then obtained the slides of those Pap smears and had them examined by a doctor specializing in the review of Pap smears.  We learned that those Pap smears contained evidence of precancerous cells and that our client should have been told of that and should have had a colposcopy to remove those abnormal cells.  Subsequently, another Pap smear was done which was reported as ASCUS, necessitating further evalution and treatment by the gynecologist.  Because this was not done, the cancer grew and caused our client’s death.

We filed a lawsuit against the pathologist doctor, who had originally reviewed the Pap smears, and our client’s gynecologist.  The doctors paid money to our client’s family to make up for the family’s loss.

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