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Confidential Settlement for Failure to Diagnose Colon Cancer After Colonoscopy

Our client had a colonoscopy in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  The doctor found a polyp in our client’s colon and attempted to remove the polyp during the colonoscopy.  Following the colonoscopy he informed our client that he had removed the polyp.  In fact, the doctor was unable to remove the entire polyp during that colonoscopy.  The doctor recommended a repeat colonoscopy in six months to a year.  Our client returned to the same doctor eight months later for a repeat colonoscopy.  At that time the doctor found that the polyp was still there and was in the process of regrowing.  The doctor again attempted to remove this large polyp during the colonoscopy.  Again, the doctor was unable to entirely remove this polyp.  The doctor told our client that she could either come back for a repeat colonoscopy in six months to a year or have the polyp surgically removed.  Our client then contacted a surgeon and scheduled surgery to have the polyp completely removed.  During the surgery, our client was found to have metastatic colon cancer and she died a few months later.  We had the case reviewed by colon cancer experts and they found that our client’s doctor had been negligent in failing to diagnose the colon cancer.  The doctor settled the case and paid money to our client’s family.

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