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Fall at Construction Site Settles for $1,300,000

Our client was working at a construction site on the CMU campus when suffered a fall. Our client was climbing from one floor to another on the outside of the scaffolding and when he reached the top he grabbed a board that was loose and he fell.  As a result of his injuries he is a paraplegic. Berger Lagnese & Paul, LLC investigated the matter and we discovered that another subcontractor was constructing a ramp to a scaffolding.  The workers placed a handrail for the ramp in place but failed to nail the handrail before they went on their coffee break.  We also learned that the scaffolding did not have the proper markings warning other workers that it was not fully erected.  Despite the fact that our client was using the outside of the scaffolding instead of an easily asscible stairways the defendants agreed to pay $1,300,000 to settle this case.

If you suffered a fall or an accident at a construction site contact the lawyers at Berger Lagnese & Paul, LLC.  We have handled construction site accidents and industrial accidents throughout Western Pennsylvania.

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