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The law allows an individual injured by the negligence of another party to file a claim or lawsuit against that party. Such actions can range from an insurance claim to a complex personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit. When it comes to the second type of action, the lawsuit, it is important for the plaintiff – the injured person – to have sound advice and counsel.

The Personal Injury Cases We Handle

Our law firm welcomes inquiries about all types of personal injury cases, including cases involving:

How Our Lawyers Help

We start every personal injury case by determining the facts. This may mean reading police reports, hiring an investigator, deposing witnesses and consulting with experts. Our law firm has the resources to do all these things and more. Once we understand what happened, we can then determine who should be held liable for the losses our client suffered.

Whether a client became disabled and unable to work, or developed a post-injury condition that required frequent medical treatment or therapy, we can determine the cost and incorporate that into the case.

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