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The Brownsville General Hospital in Brownsville, Pennsylvania, had been serving the health needs of its 75,000 area residents since 1916. However, financial troubles led to Brownsville General Hospital closing its doors in January 2006 because a group of doctors failed at turning the hospital into a for-profit facility. Brownsville Health Solutions Inc., formed by a group of physicians, bought the former Brownsville General Hospital for $11 million and reopened the 40-bed and 54-doctor hospital in July 2008 under the name, Brownsville Tri-County Hospital, but quickly filed for bankruptcy in February 2009, again because of financial difficulties, citing about $1.2 million in assets and $14.3 million in liabilities. Hospital leaders claimed the business was losing about $550,000 month when it defaulted on a $3 million line of credit and couldn’t make its payroll for its 150 employees. In the eight-month period of being open, however, the hospital did see about 18,000 patients. Though before the doors closed for the last time, the Brownsville Tri-County Hospital did have to relocate 15 patients it had in treatment.

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Currently, the building is owned by the Brownsville Property Corp. and the hospital’s operating license is being held by the Pennsylvania Department of Health. A bankruptcy court ordered the hospital to pay its Texas-based creditor $2 million by November 1, 2009.

Brownsville Tri-County Hospital has since received a glimmer of glamour, as it served as the setting for episodes of the hospital television drama, “Three Rivers,” which was based in Pittsburgh. A film crew of about 120 members from CBS/Paramount filmed the pilot episode at the closed hospital in March and April 2009, footing the $30,000 monthly utility bills during production.

More recently, talks have begun on what to do with the hospital. Some plans include reopening the hospital and adding specialty services for diabetes, prostate cancer, mental health treatment for adolescents and a wellness center. These plans, however, are estimated to cost about $25 million.

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