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Anesthesia errors: Can you be “put to sleep” for too long?

December 05, 2017


Having to undergo surgery can be a scary situation to be in. In the end though, surgeries are meant to heal and help and should not come with any added burdens. Unfortunately, a lot of surgeries require some form of anesthesia and with that comes a risk.

All too often you hear or read stories of patients who have been the victim of anesthesia errors — when the patient gets harmed as a result of a doctor, anesthesiologist, nurse or other medical personnel who administered them anesthetic drugs. The drugs are intended to keep patients from experiencing the pain that comes with a surgery and come in different types. A few types of anesthesia are general (unconscious), spinal/epidural, local (specific area), regional (large area) and dissociative (conscious).

While the anesthetic drugs are meant to help, there have been many instances where patients have suffered as a result. These anesthesia errors come in many forms, ranging from defective medical equipment to negligence or incompetence.

It may not be immediately apparent where a medical professional may have been negligent when it comes to anesthesia, which is why it is important to consult with an experienced attorney if you feel you are a victim. For starters, there are many different areas where a doctor, nurse or anesthesiologist could commit error.

They may administer the incorrect type of drug or even the wrong amount. This can lead to allergic reactions, waking up too early or waking up too late. They might not properly monitor the patient under anesthesia, missing any problems that might arise during surgery. Another negligent act could be not properly instructing patients on procedure on preparing to be given anesthetic drugs.

The aforementioned errors can lead to many uncomfortable side effects for patients. Those effects can range from blurred vision and dizziness to more severe things like a seizure, asphyxia or a coma. The worst outcome could be death.

Again, it can be unclear where exactly something might have gone wrong when it comes to being “put to sleep.” But a knowledgeable and experienced medical malpractice attorney can make all the difference in building a strong case in your favor.

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