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When Another Party is Liable in Playground Injuries

October 19, 2017

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What place is better for children to go and exert some energy than at the playground? They can run freely and play all their games, and it can be great exercise. Unfortunately, the playground is also a very popular spot for injuries to happen to unsupervised children. In fact, children ages 5-9 are responsible for more than half of all playground-related injuries. So, what really happens when another party is liable for playground injuries?


This is a popular word used for injuries that occur when someone else is responsible. This type of occurrence is popular on playgrounds, especially if the injury occurs during school hours. In school, the teachers are responsible for the safety and well-being of the children in their care at all times, and these children must be carefully supervised. This is especially true on playgrounds. With that being said, schools cannot completely prevent harm, nor can teachers, but it is their job to do all that is possible and within reason to take steps that aid in overall safety.

If a child is hurt during a school recess, and there is no teacher watching or monitoring the situation, there is a clear case of negligence here. If the teacher did see the injury, and still did not act, this again is also considered negligence. In cases like these, there is usually a case to be made against the school for such negligent behavior.

Recently reported was an example in which a young group of students got separated from the main play area, and started throwing rocks at each other. A teacher was assigned to stop them, but instead, let them continue. This example is again yet another case of an injury where the other party is clearly liable due to their negligent behavior.

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