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Be Aware of Risky Behavior On the Road

May 10, 2018

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It is always an easy thing to do, pointing out another person’s error or shortcoming. On the road this is a common practice. Maybe another motorist is driving too slow or failing to use their indicator lights, and your reaction is muttering about it under your breath or even loudly expressing your disapproval to no one in particular.

Well, as it turns out, even though other motorists’ negligence can be a common cause of accidents, your own risky behavior is also a significant factor. Usually, when it comes to traffic accidents, the three big factors are the vehicle, the road and the human.

A recent study points to just how big of a factor “the human” portion is, delving into three specific variables: aggressive thoughts, risky behavior, and aggressive behavior.

It was determined that, above all, risky behavior is most associated with accident-related events.

This risky behavior usually stems from aggressive thoughts on your behalf, like when you get stuck behind a slow-moving vehicle in the fast lane. At first you are only muttering to yourself, but that turns into you tailgating the vehicle as you try to speed up and make your way around it. This risky behavior increases the likelihood of an accident.

Keys to Reducing Car Accidents

In the end, it is pretty straight forward. If you take the time to recognize your own risky behavior while on the road, it can go a long way in reducing car accidents on the road. The key is to recognize it in its infancy stage — an aggressive thought or behavior.

This means when you begin to think angry thoughts about another vehicle on the road because they are moving to slow, you should do your best to keep yourself in check. Being aware of these early and doing your best to avoid risky behavior while driving will ensure you make it from Point A to Point B in the safest way possible.

Experienced Car Accident Lawyers in Pittsburgh

Even though most motorists on the road do their best to remain safe, many accidents still happen. If you or a loved one suffered an injury because of a car accident at the hands of a negligent motorist then you should contact the lawyers at Berger Lagnese & Paul, LLC in Pittsburgh.

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