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What A Birth Injury Attorney Can Do For You

June 21, 2018

Birth Injury Lawyer Pittsburgh, PA
There is a lot of excitement that surrounds soon-to-be parents. From what gender they hope the baby to be, to picking out a name, many spend a lot of time thinking about who their new baby will be and look like.

When it really comes down to it though, most soon-to-be parents just hope their newborn baby comes out healthy and without complication. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, making for a physical, emotional and financial hardship for the parents, especially if their child ended up with a preventable birth injury or trauma.

Common Types and Causes of Birth Injury and Trauma

A birth injury can lead to the death of a child or leave them permanently disabled, greatly shifting the type of care you will have to administer them. Birth injury and trauma can occur during labor and delivery when a medical professional does not act in accordance with the standard of care, otherwise known as negligence.

It is your medical professional’s job and responsibility to anticipate any potential problems that are reasonably foreseeable and do their best to intervene in order to prevent harm. Birth injuries can come as the result of improper medications during pregnancy and/or delivery, failure to monitor fetus and respond to distress, failure to perform a timely c-section, miscalculation of the size of the fetus and improper use of delivery instruments.

These negligent acts can lead to many different types of birth injuries ranging from mild to severe and temporary to permanent. Some can even result in death. Common preventable birth injuries include, but are not limited to:

Pennsylvania Attorneys Will Get Your Child the Care They Need

Immediate medical attention is required if your child has suffered a birth injury or trauma. This will increase their odds of living with as little damage as possible. In the end, many children will then require a lifetime of medical care, which can be quite costly.

Expenses can include the necessity for specialists, physical therapy, occupational therapy and any modifications to your home or vehicle in order to accommodate your child’s current and future needs. Often times, private medical insurance will not be enough to cover your expenses, which is why a birth injury attorney will come in handy.

In Pittsburgh, the law firm of Berger & Lagnese, LLC, have knowledgeable attorneys ready to handle your birth injury case. They use their readily available resources to obtain justice and maximum compensation to improve your child’s quality of life. Contact them today by filling out the online contact form and you can begin discussing your legal avenues.

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