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Birth-Related Medical Malpractice

May 17, 2019
Birth-Related Medical Malpractice Pittsburgh, PA

Medical Malpractice

Injury to an infant can be a devastating situation and result in permanent damage to the baby, which causes complications as they grow and develop into an adult. Anyone can make a mistake, but a doctor has a standard duty of care to their patients and the babies they help come into this world. When birth-related medical malpractice incident occurs, the results can be heartbreaking for the parents. If a doctor has been negligent or reckless and caused serious harm to your child, finding a quality medical malpractice attorney can help you to get the compensation you need.

Birth Injury to the Infant or Mother

Most doctors are very careful when helping a mother get through the birth of her child, however, sometimes mistakes are made or a failure to properly care for the patient during the procedure occurs. When this happens, injury to the mother and/or infant could occur. These can be very minor or deadly, depending on what mistakes were made. Injuries to the mother or infant are a type of birth medical malpractice people sue for.

Common injuries to infants in medical malpractice cases involve pulling the infant too hard and causing brain damage, bone fractures, muscle tears, etc. Newborns are extremely fragile and without gentle handling, can easily be hurt. Damage early on to an infant can cause serious complications as the child grows and develops.

Injuries to mother usually involve issues with the private areas, uterus, or stomach and lower organs if a c-section needed to be performed. Some women are known for preeclampsia which often develops at least 20 weeks into the pregnancy and causes high blood pressure and certain organ problems. If obvious symptoms are not noticed, the woman could seize while giving birth which can cause serious injuries or mental complications.

Wrongful Birth Incidents

Wrongful birth incidents usually involve situations in which an infant is born with severe health problems, defects, or some sort of complications that the doctor should have known about and warned the parents about ahead of time. In some serious cases, an infant has no way of surviving outside the womb due to serious health issues or the person could not grow up and have any real quality of life. Some parents also may not want to raise a child who would be severely handicapped and require constant 24/7 challenging care and may have opted for a termination of pregnancy. If these birth defects and issues should have been able to be detected and the doctor was negligent, the mother or couple may have a case.

Wrongful Pregnancy Situations

Some people go through medical procedures because they want to avoid pregnancy and birth altogether. There are multiple procedures that people can go through for prevention, pregnancy detection, and termination of a pregnancy. Sterilization efforts can include vasectomies, laparoscopies (tubes tied), implants, and in extreme cases, even removal of the ovaries. A woman that did not want a pregnancy or go through a birth process can sue if the doctor was negligent in procedures for pregnancy prevention, pregnancy detection, and proper abortions. These types of cases are possible, but they are very difficult to prove.

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