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Cancer Malpractice Lawyer Colon Cancer Staging

March 22, 2017

Cancer Malpractice Lawyer — Colon Cancer Staging

The American Society of Clinical Oncology is considering a change in the way colon cancer is staged by cancer doctors.  The change may affect the treatment of as many as 25% of colon cancer patients nationwide.  New research indicates the depth to which colon cancer penetrates the bowel wall is more significant in determining colon cancer survival rates than previously thought.  According to this new research, patients with node positive (stage III) and a “thin” colon tumor (confined to the bowel wall) have a better chance of survival than patients with node negative (stage II) and a “thick” colon tumor (penetrating beyond the bowel wall).  The current treatment is to provide stage III colon cancer patients with surgery and chemotherapy and to provide stage II colon cancer patients with surgery alone.  The new research suggests that changes in these treatment regimens may be needed.If you have colon cancer, you should discuss this new research with your cancer doctor as soon as possible.

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