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Cardiologist Inserts Hundreds Of Unnecessary Heart Stents

March 22, 2017

Cardiologist Inserts Hundreds of Unnecessary Heart Stents

Baltimore area cardiologist Dr. Mark Midei allegedly implanted unnecessary cardiac stents in hundreds of patients at a Towson hospital.  The company that made the stents, Abbott Laboratories, was paying for crab and barbecue feasts at the doctor’s home, and building a business strategy around the Maryland cardiologist’s high output, according to a federal report being released today.

Abbott, a $30 billion-a-year, Chicago-based pharmaceutical firm, ranked Midei among its top-volume doctors in the Northeast and made plying him with research money and “VIP trips” part of its business plan in late 2008 — about the time Midei’s usage of Abbott-brand stents soared, the report said.  The 170-page document contains the findings of a months-long investigation by the U.S. Senate.

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