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  • Different Types of Permanent Birth Injuries

    June 13, 2017

    The birth of your child should be a joyous occasion. However, if your doctor’s negligence results in a medical mistake, a birth injury can occur, and you’ll be quickly robbed of your joy. To say the least, an injury to your child is devastating. But it’s even more devastating if your child’s injury is permanent.  […]

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  • The Consequences of a Stroke Misdiagnosis

    June 05, 2017

    Three hours to save your life. If you’re the victim of an ischemic stroke, that’s all the time you have. According to the Mayo Clinic, if you’ve suffered an ischemic stroke, intravenous, clot-busting drugs must be given to you within three hours. Treatment within this three-hour window not only increases your survival chances, but it […]

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  • Temporary Agencies Often Employ Incompetent Nurses

    May 20, 2017

    Temporary Agencies Often Employ Incompetent Nurses   The Los Angeles Times reports some firms that supply temporary nurses to the nation’s hospitals are taking shortcuts in their screening and supervision.  An investigation found numerous instances in which staffing agencies skimped on background checks or ignored warnings from other hospitals.  These practices put seriously ill patients […]

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  • Birth Injuries Resulting From a Breech Birth

    May 18, 2017

    A healthy newborn is every parent’s number one concern. And if you’re a parent facing a breech birth, you trust your doctor to properly and sufficiently address these concerns. In the case of a breech birth, which can be difficult and dangerous, you trust your doctor to manage the risks and safely deliver your baby. […]

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  • How an Overdiagnosis Can Harm a Patient

    May 12, 2017

    You’ve likely heard of a misdiagnosis. This occurs when a doctor mistakenly diagnoses an illness. An underdiagnosis is different from a misdiagnosis. It happens when doctors diagnose a disease less often than it’s actually present. An overdiagnosis, however, occurs when a doctor diagnoses a disease, but the disease will never present symptoms or result in […]

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  • 8 Common Types of Surgical Malpractice

    May 11, 2017

    Surgical malpractice is still a risk: Don’t let modern technology fool you. While “laser surgery” implies precision and “outpatient surgery” sounds easy, surgical malpractice hasn’t gone away. Surgeons still make mistakes: sometimes, deadly mistakes. A Johns Hopkins study showed that medical mistakes, ranging from medication errors to surgical complications, are now the number three cause […]

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  • The Most Misdiagnosed Medical Conditions

    May 05, 2017

    Nothing less than 100% accuracy: That’s what you expect from your doctor’s diagnosis. But is 100% accuracy realistic? Look at these statistics reported in The Washington Post: Patients with serious conditions are misdiagnosed more than 20% of the time. An incorrect or late diagnosis is not uncommon. Chances are you’ll receive a misdiagnosis at least […]

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  • Errors At Doctors Offices

    April 03, 2017

    Errors at Pittsburgh Doctors’ Offices A recent study on errors in doctor’s offices showed that 60% of the errors found were related to reporting test results to the doctor. The study sponsored by the American Academy of Family Physicians and the U.S. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality also reports that 18% of the errors […]

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  • Vitamins Dont Prevent Heart Disease

    March 30, 2017

    Vitamins Don’t Prevent Heart Disease   Vitamins C and E — pills taken by millions of Americans — do nothing to prevent heart disease in men, one of the largest and longest studies of these supplements has found.Vitamin E even appeared to raise the risk of bleeding strokes, a danger seen in at least one […]

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  • Hospital Delay In Administering Angioplasty To Heart Attack Patients Almost Doubles Death Rate

    March 22, 2017

    Hospital delay in administering angioplasty to heart attack patients practically doubles death rate A new study documents the importance of hospitals giving heart attack patients prompt angioplasty.  So-called “system delay” in treating patients with heart attacks — the time from the first ambulance call to the start of angioplasty or other hospital treatment — almost […]

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