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Common Causes Of Pennsylvania Motorcycle Accidents

July 05, 2018

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Pittsburgh, PA
Motorcyclists are more vulnerable to injuries when accidents occur with larger vehicles, so it’s important for all drivers to recognize and avoid the most common causes of motorcycle accidents.

Visibility Issues

Motorcycles are inherently smaller than other vehicles, so drivers will often argue they couldn’t see an oncoming motorcycle. One of the most common types of motorcycle accidents occurs when a car is making a left-hand turn into traffic and collides with an oncoming motorcycle. Other times, vehicles changing lanes may fail to see a motorcycle. The injuries sustained by motorcyclists are usually much more severe than those sustained by passengers in average sized cars.

Road Hazards

Road hazards like potholes, unexpected objects or roadkill pose a bigger threat to those riding in motorcycles. While bigger cars can avoid these hazards, a motorcycle can easily be thrown off balance by something on the road.

Lane Splitting

When traffic is stopped or moving very slowly, sometimes a motorcyclist will attempt to go in between the lanes of traffic. Some states do permit this practice, but it is still a dangerous move that can result in an accident. The risk of an accident is greatly increased due to the closeness of the cyclist to the cars, the reduced space and the fact that most cars don’t anticipate such driving behaviors.

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