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Compensation for Personal Injury Claims in PA

August 21, 2018
personal injury compensation Pittsburgh, PA

An unexpected injury can quickly cause a victim and the victim’s family to experience financial distress. Growing medical bills, missed time from work, lost employment and a loss of property are all very real challenges that the victim will face temporarily. Thankfully, personal injury cases give victims the legal right to pursue compensation from the responsible party.

Compensation in Pennsylvania Personal Injury Cases

Personal injury claims are designed to help victims receive financial compensation for the damages they’ve incurred. Compensatory damages are awarded with the intention of making the injured party monetarily whole again by providing for their medical bills, property loss, lost wages and pain and suffering. When the defendant’s behavior has been overtly callous or malicious, courts may award additional compensation in the form of punitive damages. This financial award is intended to deter the defendant from behaving similarly in the future.

In Pennsylvania, courts use comparative fault to calculate compensation amounts. Victims are most often entitled to compensation as long as they are not more at-fault than the other party. Injured parties do have a responsibility to act upon their injuries. They must seek out prompt medical attention to prevent additional damages from forming. Any additional injuries caused by failing to seek out treatment will not be eligible for compensation.

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