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Ct Scans Of Brain Radiation Overdoses Under Investigation

March 22, 2017

CT scans of the brain — radiation overdoses under investigation

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has been investigating reports that patients undergoing CT brain perfusion scans were exposed to excess radiation. One common use of CT brain imaging is for patients who are suspected of suffering a stroke. 

The radiation overdose problem appears to be widespread and serious.  The FDA found that over an 18 month period at one single facility, more than 200 patients were given more than 8 times the proper radiation dose during CT of the brain. 

While this event involved a single kind of diagnostic test at one facility, the magnitude of these overdoses and their impact on the affected patients were significant. This situation may reflect more widespread problems with CT quality assurance programs. If patient doses are higher than the expected level, but not high enough to produce obvious signs of radiation injury, the problem may go undetected and unreported, putting patients at increased risk for long-term radiation effects.

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