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Dry Drowning Prevention

May 03, 2018

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There are few activities more fun than those that involve warm weather and water. From the ocean or a lake to a pool or water park, there is just something about water activities that puts a smile on your face.

This is especially true for children — they love to do outdoor activities but love it even more if it also involves water. As a parent, you know their smiling faces are a wonderful thing, but that does not mean you can relax.

Water activities can be dangerous, and a simple mishap here or there and the consequences can be frightening. And while mostly everyone is aware of the perils of drowning, most do not know the horror that is known as “dry drowning” or what to do to prevent it.

Look Out for Signs of Dry Drowning

Dry drowning may sound silly but it is not a laughing matter. Dry drowning is what happens after you inhale water through your mouth or nose, triggering a spasm and blocking your airway. This prevents proper breathing and can lead to injury or even death.

Symptoms of dry drowning include trouble breathing, chest pain, vomiting, and/or drowsiness, and usually occur soon after the swallowing of water. If you recognize these symptoms then you should immediately go to the hospital to have a medical professional take a closer look.

The best way to beat dry drowning is by taking steps preemptively to ensure your child’s safety. First and foremost, you should be alert at all times, regardless of the presence of a lifeguard.

It is advisable to be in an area where there is a lifeguard though, especially since they are trained to help should a dangerous situation arise. Make sure you do not let your child swim alone as well.

Another good way to prevent dry drowning is by getting your child or children swim lessons as early as possible. Not only will they learn techniques for swimming, but they will learn proper water safety.

Now, even though you might not like to hear it, accidents still happen no matter how prepared you are. That is why knowing about the symptoms and what they can mean is important. If you need to utilize the help of a medical professional, you do not want them to mistake those symptoms with something else or for them to disregard them completely.

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