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First Ever Approved Study For Cerebral Palsy Using Stem Cells

March 22, 2017

First Ever Approved Study for Cerebral Palsy Using Stem Cells

The Medical College of Georgia will attempt to test how effective adult umbilical cord stem cells are in the treatment of cerebral palsy symptoms, thanks to the FDA’s first-ever approval of such a study.Cerebral palsy currently has no cure, and it affects roughly 1 in 278 children, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. However, researchers involved in the new study have indicated that the results could be favorable for treating cerebral palsy and other brain injuries. Stem cells from umbilical cords are able to quickly divide and multiply, and then change into types of cells, possibly advancing cerebral palsy treatment options.

The study will involve 40 children, ranging in age from two to 12. Initially, half the group will receive stem cells and the other half will receive a placebo. After three months, doctors will test both groups and record any changes, after which the control group will also receive stem cells. Additional monitoring will continue again at three months and six months.

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