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For Breast Biopsy 11gauge Needle Better Than 14gauge Needle

March 22, 2017

For Breast Biopsy 11-Gauge Needle Better than 14-Gauge Needle

According to a recent study performed at the Stanford University School of Medicine, stereotactic vacuum-assisted breast needle biopsy is more effective with an 11-gauge needle than the 14-gauge needle.  There is less chance of a false-negative diagnoses with the 11-gauge needle than with the 14-gauge needle.  The study appears in the February 2009 issue of the American Journal of Roentgenology.If your breast cancer was missed or misdiagnosed, see the breast cancer malpractice lawyers of Pennsylvania. Berger & Lagnese, LLC is a law firm that specializes in breast cancer medical malpractice cases. We work on cases in Pittsburgh and all over Western Pennsylvania, including Greensburg, Washington, Uniontown, Beaver, and Erie.

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