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How Long Will it Take For My Personal Injury Case to Finalize?

October 12, 2017


There is no exact answer as to how long it will take for your personal injury case to finalize, as there are a couple of different options that may induce a longer time overall. Essentially, there are two main options when looking to settle a personal injury case – a quick, normally undervalued settlement offered from the insurance company, or deciding to hire an experienced attorney to get you the money you deserve for your case.

Insurance company settlement:

The reason for the insurance company typically offering a lower amount of money is because they are able to do it in a very short amount of time. A lot of people want the money right away, so they take an undervalued settlement from the insurance company as a quick settlement. The other issue here is that there are likely underlying factors you may not even be aware of that are working against you, and you shouldn’t count on the insurance company to tell you about them either.

Hiring an attorney:

Hiring an attorney will certainly increase the total amount of time it is going to take for your personal injury case to finalize, but for a good reason. Insurance companies now try to make the case harder to finalize by taking as long as they can, knowing you will likely receive more money for hiring an attorney. Though, by finding the right attorney, you are likely to be able to fight the insurance companies and get the most amount of money for the case as possible. That being said, as far as time goes, there is a lot to consider. Depending on treatment time with doctors, the collection of medical bills, and the time the insurance company takes to respond, it could take some time. It is hard to give an exact amount of time, but it could be anywhere from a couple of months to a couple of years.

If you have been injured and are receiving offers from the insurance company, do not accept their low-ball offers. Contact Berger Lagnese & Paul, LLC today to schedule a consultation, and fight for the maximum amount of money that you deserve for your personal injury case.


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