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Most Important Motorcycle Safety Gear in Winter

October 18, 2018
motorcycle winter safety gear Pittsburgh, PA

Most Important Motorcycle Safety Gear in Winter

As winter quickly approaches, it is important that motorcyclists are adequately prepared for the harshest of riding conditions.  Below are a few items that may prove useful to all motorcyclists who are planning to brave the elements and continue to ride during winter.

Heated Vest

Motorcyclists cannot safely ride their motorcycles if they have limited use of their extremities, which are used to control and navigate the motorcycle.  As your body temperature drops, the blood vessels in your body constrict blood flow to your extremities, which causes your extremities to become cold and motor function in them may become limited. In order to help prevent blood vessels from constricting, it is important that motorcyclists keep their cores warm. Keeping their cores warm will help maintain their body temperatures and, thereby, help prevent their extremities from getting cold. Wearing a heated vest can help motorcyclists maintain their body temperatures because it will heat their cores, which, in turn, will prevent loss of heat to their extremities.

Gloves with Waterproof-Windproof Membranes

In the winter, inclement weather is likely.  Wearing gloves with waterproof-windproof membranes during the winter can help motorcyclists keep their hands insulated from the poor weather conditions, and, in turn, will help motorcyclists to safely operate their motorcycles.

Silk Glove Liners

Just like gloves with a waterproof-windproof membrane, silk glove liners also provide a layer of insulation to motorcyclists’ hands for better protection against inclement weather. Ideally, motorcyclists should wear both silk glove liners and gloves with waterproof-windproof membrane during the winter to ensure that their hands are insulated from the elements.

Silk Balaclava

In addition to heated vests and insulated gloves and glove liners, motorcyclists should wear silk balaclavas under their helmets to prevent heat loss and to protect their faces and necks from the wind.

Tires With Adequate Tread

Before riding during the winter, motorcyclists should ensure that the tires on their motorcycles have adequate tread. Adequate tread on tires provides motorcyclists with better traction, especially on wet roads, and can prevent motorcyclists from getting into collisions.

Windshield Defogger

Because the air is colder in winter, fog is an increasing problem for motorcyclists. To ensure they can see out of their windshield while riding, motorcyclists should purchase windshield defogger and treat their windshields with it before embarking on a ride.

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